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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Swift Parrot at Gilpin Park, Brunswick 29/08/2014

After so many reports of easy viewing of Swift Parrots at Gilpin Park Brunswick. I decided that I needed to go have a look ( mainly because this was lifer #391) and considering it was so close to home was too much of a tease to let it pass. I had arranged to meet Richard Arnold at Gilpin on Friday 29/08/2014 in the afternoon and after finding out the best viewing area, I headed off with my father in tow at 1.30 pm. As we arrived at Pearson St ( best spot for the Swift Parrot) we found Richard already there and had found them for us. 
Probably the easiest tick I have had in a long time, within 2 minutes we had binoculars on a few birds flitting between trees on the fence perimetre near Pearson St and after 30 minutes I was satisfied with my views and some photos ( not the greatest) but a new lifer for me! There was at least 8 to 10 Swift Parrots in the trees over those 30 minutes which was truly amazing.
 A start of hopefully a great weekend to come as have a big day planned on Saturday 30/08/2014 with a few fellow birders to Greater Bendigo National Park - Kamarooka Section and Terrick Terrick National Park.

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